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The forth industrial revolution


the forth industrial revolution


“a microservices architecture is a term used to describe the practice of breaking up an application into a series of smaller, more specialised parts, each of which communicate with one another across common interfaces such as APIs and REST interfaces like HTTP.

Each microservice tends to manage its own database, generate its own logs and handle user authentication. This also usually means that containers are involved at the management and operations level."



4 areas for blockchain application


Yahoo shareholders approve sale of internet business to Verizon

Yahoo ! 6月19 從 S&P500 下市.

Yahoo! 在網路發展史上開創性的貢獻很大.

從Yahoo !, 才開始有免費入口網站.  記得90年代年前搜尋資料是要收錢的.

“免費" 的商業模式是從Yahoo! 開始,

我們都受Yahoo! “開放" “免費" 的 商業模式創新的恩惠而不自覺.

楊致遠並不是以賺錢作為創業的初衷, 讓大量用戶透過Yahoo! 門戶訪問網路. 入口網站就發揮類似作業系統的作用.

“網站目錄向全世界開放,  無私為全世界網頁建立索引"




built on top of Salesforce for developing location-based workflows,

map-centric information

more visual representation of the data on a map

“Our Core product helps users (most often field-based sales or service workers) visualize their data on a map, interact with it to drive productivity, and then use geolocation services like our mobile app or complex routing to determine the right cadence to meet them,” 

台灣有個地圖日記應也有用這Geolocation ,但這MapAnything 重點是在職場生產力.

這種業務助理工具, 對整天在外跑業務的人有幫助, 按現在的位置,安排行程. 這服務在台灣不見得有發展, 大陸型經濟比較適合.

這家也是Sales force 投資, 在Business 領域, Sales, CRM , 要學Sales force的產品.

我分析過這家公司 (CRM, Nasdaq),  我快20年前買的一本書就是CRM , 但在台灣真的懂CRM, 不靠代工的人有多少呢?





之前寫過一次  (note1)

CDN 內容傳遞網路(Content delivery network或Content distribution network)

1 定義

指一種透過網際網路互相連接的電腦網路系統,利用最靠近每位使用者的伺服器,更快、更可靠地將音樂、圖片、影片、應用程式及其他檔案傳送給使用者,來提供高效能、可擴展性及低成本的網路內容傳遞給使用者 (note2)

2 技術

內容傳遞網路節點會在多個地點,多個不同的網路上擺放。這些節點之間會動態的互相傳輸內容,對使用者的下載行為最佳化,並藉此減少內容供應者所需要的頻寬成本,改善使用者的下載速度,提高系統的穩定性 (note2)

3 CDN 推薦 (note2)

AWS – Amazon Cloudfront
Microsoft CDN
Google CDN
CloudFlare (note4)
ChinaCache CDN
Akamai CDN

4 網頁開發者適用的免費開放式 CDNs (note3)

1) jsDeliver //
2) Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network //
3) Open Source Software CDN (OSSCDN) //
4) The Google Hosted Libraries //
5) Bootstrap //

5 其他的CDN //

  1. CDN 的選擇標準 (note5) : 重點是改善的效果,效益,和效能提昇的程度







Docker Compose


  1. Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.
  2. 3 個步驟 :

Using Compose is basically a three-step process.
1) Define your app’s environment
2) Define the services that make up your app in docker-compose.yml
3) Lastly, run docker-compose up and Compose will start and run your entire app.

  1. compose documentation

安裝 :
1) Install Docker Engine: 依OS 選一種
2) The Docker Toolbox installation includes both Engine and Compose, so Mac and Windows users are done installing. Others should continue to the next step.

4 啟動
Get started with Docker Compose //

1) 先把Docker engine和Docker compose 裝好
2) 然後有6個步驟 : Step // 參;

3) 快速啟動指引: Next, try the quick start guide for Django, Rails, or WordPress.
5 指令檔: command-line reference, 這要留起來,不然要用時會找不到

6 Docker-compose 怎麼用?

要看這個: Overview of docker-compose CLI
參 :

7.Compose CLI environment variables
參 :




Docker : ID, Engine

看了前一篇 Docker 的概念, 再來想用 Docker 須先申請一個帳號

  • Docker 帳號申請 :

有這帳號, 就可以用  Docker Store, Docker Cloud, Docker Hub repositories, and some beta programs.

  • Docker 引擎的安裝, 有Mac, Windows, Linux 3 種.
  1. Docker installation on Windows

參考:  Install Docker on Windows ,前一篇說過 for window 有些要求.

  • 64bit Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education (1511 November update, Build 10586 or later). In the future we will support more versions of Windows 10.
  • The Hyper-V package must be enabled. The Docker for Windows installer will enable it for you, if needed. (This requires a reboot).

安裝指引 : Download and install instructions, and to learn all about Docker for Windows.


安裝後就有 Docker Engine, Docker CLI client, Docker Compose, and Docker Machine.

如果是Window user , 讀: Get started with Docker for Windows

2. Docker installation on Linux

但Linux distributions 又有好幾種,  document就是用查的, 用哪一種 就查哪一種.

若 OS 是 Ubuntu, 參考 : Install Docker on Ubuntu





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