Guitar Dorian mode

dorian mode

For minor  and minor7 cord


In C key, dorian mode can be played at Dm or Dm7 (2m or 2m7)



Guitar chord chart

guitar chord chart

I was quite good at playing guitar as young.  I reopen my guirar box and bought a small amp for practicing. I still rememeber everything.

Guitar chord is very intersting. It is like  the math. It need to calculte the Appegio, which is composite notes of each cord.  I review the chord and scale and practice it on my Fender guitar.

After many years, I feel more matured on music compose. I feel my ears  become very clear when listening music. In the past I spent much time on catch the notes on guitar from songs. It took time to analysis and catch it.  Afer years, all including theory and  style seem mix into my life. I still can feel it and analysis the structure of song, finding out the meaning of creativity.  However, music industry is huge impacted by digitalization and piracy in the past decades. This industry becomes very weak because of techbology innovation, all friends about music are disapeared.  But, music still does not change fundamentally, I think .

I remember this song, which had been played by my band two decades ago. (note1) , But nowadays I listen much on classical music.

(note1:Queensrÿche – The Mission)

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