The four rules of a project manager



Modern data scientist


It’s interesting and reasonable

The employee engagement scorecard


這張員工承諾計分卡很有用,  這表告訴員工, 企業的期待,也可以這標準對員工評分,  讓人心服口服. 勞資之間的溝通因為這張表而清晰有標準.

常讀學界的一手管理資訊是有幫助的,  業界至少知道這些最新,最好的管理方法或技術發展, 佈置無所適從.

知識並非遙不可及, 關鍵是意願,

用對管理管理與方法, 適當導入. 好工具,


太多台灣企業工作定義模糊化, 結果可想而知.

Hacker Approach

A good approach for innovation, either


I think it is useful as to be an expert but require to think deeply on each element, not just reading words on surface.  In western culture, no one use exam to demonstrate capability.  They adapt " experimental" , to gain the know-how for domain knowledge and using the know-how. They try. They gain from experience. They gain by action until efficiency. They observed. They ask, They persist, They solve problem, They adapt, They focus on result, They plan. They analysis.


Data and skills sets


Key assets for a multistage life



Talent management


很不實際的定義,應該有一些假設前提. 以台灣的情況根本不適用,實務上沒人會用這樣想事情.





The Three New Skills Managers Need

這 3 點很直接很有用.

1 how to partner with new digital “colleagues”;

2 how to create a mindful relationship with increasingly ubiquitous digital technologies;

3  how to develop empathy for the varying technology preferences of their human coworkers.

主管別耍官僚, 擺架子

(Source from The Three New Skills Managers Need)



Non-financial Performance Measures: What Works and What Doesn’t

這是華頓商學院的一篇舊文, 關於績效評量,  這商學院的文章文筆也非常好,很值得當作閱讀教材.

這績效評量的主題我應該寫過好多次了,  台灣的企業 我已不指望其企業管理的語言和工具能和國外的學界接軌. 台灣的企業太多私心, 如果真的有管理專業, 現在社會上及產業裏的問題不會這麼多.

我略摘錄一下, 這篇文章的內容

  •  Performance measurement systems play a key role in developing strategy, evaluating the achievement of organizational objectives and compensating managers
  • 但一直用錢來評量績效並不可行. 很多價值用錢衡量不出來
  •  所以要用 new performance measurement systems. 我以前寫過平衡計分卡, “intangible assets” and “intellectual capital” to “balanced scorecards” of integrated financial and non-financial measures. 
  • intangible aseet, 無形資產, 我用"內功"來形容這種資產的特質. 企業有些人才在自己本業上超級厲害 , 但不見得能用錢衡量.
  • 評量太多 也是很浪費時間, 這是缺點
  • 重要 : Understand Value Drivers
  •  a company’s value drivers, the factors that create stakeholder value. 
  • 到底是哪些要素,  在企業做的什麼事能創造利害關係人產生價值? 這要素要確定好. 不要模模糊糊.
  • companies should not simply copy measures used by others. The choice of measures must be linked to factors such as corporate strategy, value drivers, organizational objectives and the competitive environment.
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