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在資訊完全不對稱的階段, 有些小技巧 當然也是參考一些授信原則,但什麼都不知道 所知到很少, 怎麼看出一家新創公司搞什麼?

1  看網站內容是否與營業登記內容相符 (Consistency, Integrity)

  1. 看產品開發進度 (Product)
  2. 看產品預計上市時程? (Timetable)

  3. 看目標市場 (Market)

  4. 看目標市場,同業的多寡與競爭概況 (Competition, Peers)

  5. 看負責人是否實際真實控制這家企業?  還是個人頭,魁壘? (Corporate governance)

  6. 粗估一個產品在可預見的未來在目標市場一個月約能產生多少現金? (,24 月) (Cash flow forecast)

8. 公司每月固定成本約多少? 多少人?  房租水電? (Fix cost, Overhead)

我為何寫這個?  一個不踏實的新創公司跟詐騙集團沒啥兩樣? 一個沒目標的新創 還不如一個踏實的實體商店.  新創公司在新創媒體的高談闊論對企業價值的延續毫無幫助, 很多都唬爛的.


也用直覺, 看一群人的目標感. 就代替千言萬語.


Strategies for value creation


這圖雖抽象, 但這是真實的縮影. 如果不轉型, 這情況對台灣廠商,特別是中小企業不利.

Four Business Models for the Digital Age


Suppliers, in the lower left quadrant, have little direct knowledge of the preferences of their end customers, and may or may not have a direct relationship with them. These companies sell their products and services to distributors in the value chain. Due to the ease of digital search, they are vulnerable to pricing pressures and commoditization as customers look for less expensive alternatives.

(Source from Sloan Management Review)



在產業圈blog我寫過這議題.   之前我查過了

IMF 的建議很明白了, “Countries should not pay back debt at expense of growth"

景氣差, 別再用國債唬人,樽節不是現在

觀摩大陸的作法, 刺激股市也是一種階段性的必要手段.

debt  to GDP


關於比特幣的金融創新我blog 有寫過.


序号 代码 名称 最近成交价 买一价 卖一价 最高价 最低价 成交量
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4 BTCEB BTC-e $222.50 $222.00 $221.00 $224.84 $219.46 5844 BTC
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9 OKCOIN OKCoin ¥1390.93 ¥1390.00 ¥1390.00 ¥1403.00 ¥1368.00 81523 BTC



Tool: Free lance 的估價單




所以 這網站讓重複性的報價估價工作, 變得方便.  這是科技的意義. 沒錯.


最近在政策的引導下,台灣的創業風氣與過去幾年已經比較好了. 台 那些老骨頭 僵屍股不再具吸引人才投入的條件.台灣的大小創投約300多家,  新加坡創投有幾家也是政府在支持,  例如  NRF TIS scheme and the ESVF initiative.所以台灣的做法也是類似, 以創業作為創新的驅動.

我有網友也是在新創公司, 可以參考這幾家SG創投資訊. 但創投都是聚焦本國, 解有官方支持, 政策力道明顯, 跟FDI 有點不一樣.  我看到的都是搞數位經濟及生物科技.  沒看到搞製造業, 或IOT的.  創投方向, 各國都還是有些許策略性的差異.  但不論專注在哪, 做SEA 市場,如果沒做過,應該要作多做些調研,  台灣人往美國跑的比較多, SEA 的 PEST不見得熟.









不論以後比特幣的命運是什麼,未來數位貨幣的發展 一定將巨大影響金融業銀行業的交易方式與作業流程.

先拿個號碼牌, 填寫單子, 那單子要用筆寫帳號 日期,中文名, 金額, 還要中文金額, 你可以想像一個法國人進入台灣的銀行, 要他填單子, 要他寫"陸拾捌圓整", 這類的文字將是多麼困難的事. 因此,也可以理解金融業充滿很多創新的可能與機會.


現今金融交易,銀行是守門員的角色,是監管放款,及授信, 比特幣是將中間人的角色除去,去中心化.

  • 比特幣交易流程說明:

To understand how it works and why it is more efficient and less expensive than the existing system, let’s take a single example: buying a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop. If you pay with a credit card, the transaction seems simple enough: You swipe your card, you grab your cup, you leave.

In fact, the financial system is just getting started with you and the coffee shop. Before the store actually gets paid and your bank balance falls, more than a half-dozen institutions—such as a billing processor, the card association ( Visa , MasterCard , etc.), your bank, the coffee shop’s bank, a payment processor, the clearinghouse network managed by the regional Federal Reserve Banks—will have shared part of your account information or otherwise intervened in the flow of money.

If all goes well, your bank will confirm your identity and good credit and send payment to the coffee shop’s bank two or three days later. For this privilege, the coffee shop pays a fee of between 2% and 3%.

Now let’s pay in bitcoin, assuming that your favorite coffee shop accepts it (more than 82,000 merchants world-wide already do). If you don’t already have bitcoins, you will need to buy some from one of a host of online exchanges and brokerages, using a simple transfer from your regular bank account. You will then assign the bitcoins to a wallet, which functions like an online account.

Once inside the coffee shop, you will open your wallet’s smartphone app and hold its QR code reader up to the coffee shop’s device. This allows your embedded secret password to unlock a bitcoin address and publicly informs the bitcoin computer network that you are transferring $1.75 worth of bitcoin (currently about 0.0076 bitcoin) to the coffee shop’s address. This takes just seconds, and then you walk off with your coffee.

  • 關鍵

What happens next is crucial. In contrast to the existing system, your transaction is immediately broadcast to the world (in alphanumeric data that can’t be traced to you personally). Your information is then gathered up by bitcoin “miners,” the computers that maintain the system and are compensated, roughly every 10 minutes, for their work confirming transactions.

The computer that competes successfully to package the data from your coffee purchase adds that information to the blockchain ledger, which prompts all the other miners to investigate the underlying transaction. Once your bona fides are verified, the updated blockchain is considered legitimate, and the miners update their records accordingly.

  • 結帳扣款快

It takes from 10 minutes to an hour for this software-driven network of computers to formally confirm a transfer from your blockchain address to that of the coffee shop—compared with a two- to three-day wait for the settlement of a credit-card transaction. Some new digital currencies are able to finalize transactions within seconds.

  • 隱私

There are almost zero fees, and the personal information of users isn’t divulged. This bitcoin feature especially appeals to privacy advocates: Nobody learns where you buy coffee, the name of your doctor or—if you’re into that sort of thing—where you buy your illegal drugs.

  • 新興市場

The advantages of digital currency are far more visible in emerging markets. It allows migrant workers, for example, to bypass fees that often run to 10% or more for the international payment services that they use to send money home to their families.

  • the distrust among strangers in commercial transactions with one another.
  • 比特幣是未來app的平台

What most excites these investors is bitcoin’s promise as a platform whose future applications are almost unimaginably broad. Already, hundreds of specialized apps are being built on top of the digital-currency blockchain software, which is seen in this context as a kind of base operating system.

  • 去中心化, 幫助

the rise of digital currency may be a matter of evolutionary destiny. The Internet has disrupted and decentralized much of the world economy, but the centralized world of finance remains stuck in the 15th century. Digital currency can help it adapt and survive.

基本上,我會把比特幣當成是一種輔助, 就像信用卡一樣, 但交易還比信用卡快, 對某些行業的流程改造會有很大影響. 但要留心他的缺點, 巴菲特已經說了: 想致富遠離比特幣.

” Owning bitcoin doesn’t mean having a digital banknote in a digital pocket"

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