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What Data You Analyzed – KDnuggets Poll Results and Trends

把Excel 學好就很夠用了

Employees’ behavior on branding


品牌就是員工的那張嘴, 品牌就是企業如何對待員工.

Tableau Introduction

Data science


老外視覺化能力不錯, 做決策的人,概念上肯定都有這樣的分析能力. 亂做決策的人,大概都不用這些概念.

組織越大,  這些分析都要正規化,

組織越小 這些分析都要概念化,抽象化,  要實質意義, 簡化形式和流程.

R&D innovation

It;s not a problem for a 1st-tire company, but for the 2nd, and lag

There are many new R&D concepts and methodologies.

A  good R&D leader concerns all those innovative trend and is willing to accept and use for R&D enhancement.


  • 内部导向 v.s. 外部导向/客户导向

Be careful.

Most of R&Ds are always “internal-oriented" because of a close environment inside company.

Be “external and customer oriented"

  • 创新作为企业的新部门

Personally, I don’t believe that the form of so-called department can help innovation.

However, to form a department for innovation can be a way to track the performance result of innovation. But it is still have to be very careful.

Don’t judge innovation in short term.

  • 速度就是金钱

Yes, only paranoid can survive.  For this trend, it is necessary to use new methodologies.

  • 管理层要量化研发 

I know many R&D people or professors don’t like “KPI",  but to be a top management, it is necessary.  Top management is not playful for fun. It ‘s required a clear objective and to some extent to tolerate some ambiguous and failure.

For getting more fresh concept and new way of doing project, I think above 10 great books are useful.


Project statement


做項目,團隊工作,若能說明清楚為何, 能公開透明,能有所作為, 大概問題都解決一半了

Tips of Marketing metrics


Power on the market

A network good.

Sales volume


Experiment, test, try

customers= asset

好的公司, 怎麼用都是對的,

歪的企業, 怎麼看都不通


Business model innovation


大概也只有MIT 有這高度,把商業模式的創新抽象化, 他們想事情跟亞洲很不一樣,   很正規, 都從根本需求做出發點, 找新的, 嚐鮮, 看看有無價值.  產業裡商業模式創新是最難的一部份.  現在看到的模式都是既有的, 想改想試, 也要看看有沒有其他公司願意,  不要輕忽創新的難度, 輕忽往往是一知半解或根本無能為力.   在產業裡,  一團渾沌時, 看出端倪, 有執行力, 那是一種視野, 膽識,  真正的 LEADERSHIP, 不是只讀書那一種.

這圖用法可廣了,  各行各業皆可用, 但真的有膽做些改變嗎?


The four rules of a project manager


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