巴哈 古典組曲
第一號 C Major 管絃樂組曲 // oldest style
第二號 b Minor // style-flute 協奏曲, 活潑
-第1 曲 序曲 //4/4 拍, French style // //
-第2曲 輪旋曲 //2/2 拍, 快板
// Bach : Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067
-第3曲 薩拉邦德舞曲 // 3/4拍 canon style // // (guitar, Bach: Sarabande in B-minor )
-第6曲 小步舞曲 //3/4拍 flute+ the 1st violin //…
-第7曲 詼諧 (badinage) 2/4拍 //
第三號 D major
-第2曲 詠嘆調 // 4/4拍, string only //
-第3曲 嘉禾舞曲 // 2/2拍 //
-第4曲 布雷舞曲 // 2/2拍 //
-第5曲 基格舞曲 // South Europe, fast dance, georgeours style //
第四號 D Major //piano, woodwind, string 協奏
-第1曲 序曲 // 4/4拍
-第2曲 布雷舞曲 // 2/2拍
-第3曲 嘉禾舞曲 // 2/2拍
-第4曲 小步舞曲 // 3/4拍
-第5曲 Rejouissance // 3/4 拍, joyful //

Elmore James



驅車前往, 走國道一, 下高速,  右轉進信二路,  過醫院, 左轉上壽山路, 上山後, 即見基隆另一平靜舒適風景,  中正公園, 活水會館, 可散步, 慢跑, 游泳, 或祈福拜拜, 這山上是市民生活休閒運動的好地方. 中正公園往前走, 漫步至二沙灣砲台, 拍照留念並了解鴉片戰爭期間炮台歷史.

傍晚下山, 基隆市區小, 散步倒滿適合,多來幾次 可感受到基隆的生活步調與情趣.  我喜歡小市區的溫暖,  轉進一小巷, 隨選一家庭麵店,  端上面來的青年認真而尊敬, 見他手臂滿手刺青, 與這知足而崇敬之心, 有很大的對比,  這體驗跟轉變,  讓吃麵也珍惜這樣的緣分和體悟.

散步至孝二路,  同學的黑膠唱片店已倒閉,

音樂這一行,  有它難的部分,  創業也不應受媒體影響聞雞起舞, 瞎聽,或盲目崇拜異國文化也不是辦法.

至孝三路, 魚丸伯仔, 但好奇這家跟另一巷口的大白鯊魚丸是否同一老闆?

飲食文化跟地理環境很有關係, 海, 是基隆生活的一部份, 也是創作的泉源.





二沙灣 from Joe cc on Vimeo.

(參: 二沙灣砲台 //

Cloud competition



Stripe express

來源: Stripe

Stripe now lets marketplaces onboard new sellers in less than 2 minutes

With “express” accounts, Stripe is using automation to fast-track signups, as it’s significantly faster than manually having to call-up sellers to verify their identity, for example. Stripe is adamant that it’s not cutting corners, and says the onboarding process still fully takes into account the local considerations specific to each seller’s market.

Express also offers sellers a pre-built dashboard with easy access to information like how much money they’ve earned and when they can expect payment.

Express is aimed at sellers who are perhaps less ecommerce savvy and who don’t need full access to the broader Stripe service.

  • Express solves two problems:

1, it removes friction for sellers — whether they’re drivers, merchants, or anything else — who are signing up. With most of our beta users, sellers were able to sign up in under two minutes.

  1. Express offloads to Stripe all the undifferentiated yet onerous engineering work of building an onboarding UI.”

In addition to “express,” Stripe is also rolling out a new payment routing infrastructure to cater to different kinds of marketplaces




聽說小站都沒人搭,  青埔目前出站後, 沒車根本去不了哪裡, 需要時間培養運量. 基建的時間點很重要, 太早太遲都不好,  跟新產品上市的道理一樣.

BAT 馬雲马化腾李彦宏谈人工智能

Marketing technology landscape

This visual graphic is very useful for me.  Technology impacts hugely on marketing activities, this article gives me an answer of how much influence and how many tools reshape the marketing activities.

I keep it on my blog. Once I need it, this graph can give me many inspirations on marketing.  I use some marketing tools, but it looks there are over 5000 tools.

" This platformization of marketing is that marketers are able to more easily build best-of-breed marketing stacks. Instead of choosing suite or best-of-breed, many marketers are now taking a suite and best-of-breed approach — using the suites as digital marketing hubs and then augmenting them with a range of more specialized products to bake their own, special marketing and customer experience cake."



能保持創作不綴的人, 幾乎都是過著規律的生活, 不靠曇花一現的靈感,而是生活中養成一種生活習慣, 解放心智, 合理的分配時間,早起, 謝絕無意義社交, 適當飲食,飲酒或咖啡, 找出自己的最佳時間創作, 其餘時間, 生活,閱讀,散步, 接近自然, 時時保持創作的靈感延續成為一種日常生活.


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