Communication problem in corporation

By John Brooks Business Adventures

It’s very interesting business book.

On Chap.7, it mentions about the communication problem in General Electric.

It’s complicated on communication in corporation.

It is very difficult to move the thinking in one’s brain to other people’s. It’s very difficult to make every members to truly understand.

No matter individual or organization, they are all very difficult to express themselves. People can not understand what they talk.

Does company’s real attitude reflect the true attitude of the CEO?

It’s interesting. I also wondered sometimes.

They are all true, but “at different frequency level".

How can I believe you are not joking?

It’s lacking “a form of mutual comprehension for mutual communication".

The problem is also between individual and self.
It is necessary to communication with self successfully firstly, then communicate with other people.

The problem is " the uncertainty of expression", which needs to be avoided in corporation.

It really reflects the problem on corporate communication.
As CEO say NO, we are not sure if he truly and firmly say no, or say no but yes in mind.

This book, recommended by Bill Gates, is very practical and insightful in business world.



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