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Stripe now lets marketplaces onboard new sellers in less than 2 minutes

With “express” accounts, Stripe is using automation to fast-track signups, as it’s significantly faster than manually having to call-up sellers to verify their identity, for example. Stripe is adamant that it’s not cutting corners, and says the onboarding process still fully takes into account the local considerations specific to each seller’s market.

Express also offers sellers a pre-built dashboard with easy access to information like how much money they’ve earned and when they can expect payment.

Express is aimed at sellers who are perhaps less ecommerce savvy and who don’t need full access to the broader Stripe service.

  • Express solves two problems:

1, it removes friction for sellers — whether they’re drivers, merchants, or anything else — who are signing up. With most of our beta users, sellers were able to sign up in under two minutes.

  1. Express offloads to Stripe all the undifferentiated yet onerous engineering work of building an onboarding UI.”

In addition to “express,” Stripe is also rolling out a new payment routing infrastructure to cater to different kinds of marketplaces


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