Truly “inspiring” attribute

How to Be an Inspiring Leader

33 traits at Leadership model :

developing inner resources, connecting with others, setting the tone, and leading the team. Stress tolerance, self-regard, and optimism help leaders develop inner resources. Vitality, humility, and empathy help leaders connect. Openness, unselfishness, and responsibility help set the tone. Vision, focus, servanthood, and sponsorship help them lead.

  • Your key strength has to match how your organization creates value
  • Leadership profile:

a leadership profile that reflects their unique context, strategy, business model, and culture—the company’s unique behavioral signature.

  • true of leaders: They must be spiky(多刺的), not well-rounded, and those “spikes” must be relevant to the way that the company creates value. //是多刺的,不是圓滑,讓公司產生價值

Quote: “If you want to change the way of being, you have to change the way of doing.”

我是很想把這些哈佛的觀念用白話文寫清楚講明白. 保證一看就懂.





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