AngularJS setup for local development

1 要 install : Angular QuickStart seed , 這樣開發比較快

2 Setup a local development environment

2.1 要先install : node and npm (note1)
2.2 然後,

-Create a project folder (you can call it quickstart and rename it later).

-Clone or download the QuickStart seed (note4) into your project folder.

-Install npm packages. (note3)

-Run npm start to launch the sample application.


Focus on the following three TypeScript (.ts) files in the /src folder.

  • Files outside src/ concern building, deploying, and testing your app. They include configuration files and external dependencies. // src/外的 是作app 部署測試用
  • Files inside src/ “belong" to your app. Add new Typescript, HTML and CSS files inside the src/ directory, most of them inside src/app, unless told to do otherwise. //所以 src/ 內的都是自己的app

src/ 裡有 3 files: : 定義AppComponent, 這是root component. : 定義 AppModule, the root module that tells Angular how to assemble the application.
3.main.ts : Compiles the application with the JIT compiler and bootstraps the application’s main module (AppModule) to run in the browser

  • 檔案結構看起來會像是這樣: (pic1)



然後, 讀 :


(note1:Installing Node.js and updating npm //

Node.js Download at )


(note3:  Node.js and npm are essential to modern web development with Angular and other platforms. Node powers client development and build tools. The npm package manager, itself a node application, installs JavaScript libraries.)

(note4:"the QuickStart seed" : 目的是作為本地開發的基礎, project folder 內有很多files.)


1 則迴響

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