9 skills of a great organizational coach

團隊領導技能可以看看,有機會要適時展現,但團體 或組織,文化和情境的成分居多,

往往當事人遇到了某些情境就適時發揮 了領導的技巧, 所以很難說,


Coach 教練, 指導,引導 之意.

In coaching, the leader works to foster a personal relationship with each employee so that these human assets feel that they can tell you the truth when things are going well or going poorly. The communication channels used in coaching are more informal and dependent on continual, face-to-face interactions.

帶人,帶心,很重要 也不容易


1 教導與培訓:  Teaching and training.

Constantly teach others about the nuances of finance, accounting, and business management. Finance leadership positions are moving toward those of a constant trainer.

2 顧問 諮詢: Counseling.

Hold the hands of other leaders and colleagues as you guide them through difficult situations and tough decisions. You will often act as a wise person who dispenses advice and suggestions. And you may need to dispense advice people don’t want to hear.

3 引導 :Guiding.

Be willing to shape other leaders’ behaviors and decisions so that they stay focused on solutions and plans that benefit the customer, the organization, and its stakeholders rather than themselves.

4 學習: Learning.

Keep an open mind and know that you can learn from the examples of other leadership team members. This will ensure your future success and help you discover that many other avenues exist to channel your talents in the organization.

5 提問: Questioning.

A good leader uses questions to open minds to new possibilities. Acquire the habit of using questions—open-ended and probing—to lead the leadership team to reach the organization’s goals.

6 相關,搭橋,建立關係: Relating.

Build bridges and foster relationships of trust by using analogies, examples, and stories to get your point across. Speak at the same level as the person being coached. Use examples and stories from many different sources. This requires constant listening, learning, and growing.

7 聆聽 Listening.

Listen with your ears, eyes, and intuition. Managers with hidden agendas or hubris will circle around the issue. They will resist. They will deny that anything is wrong. Your job is to listen to get a sense of what the person is not saying or is trying to hide. By listening carefully and using questions, you become more the organizational conscience as you bring forth those things that need to be expressed and brought out into the open.

8 直覺力 Using intuition.

Develop a keen sense of what to say and what not to say. This is sometimes called business sense but is, in fact, your intuition. It is wisdom you hone from experience inside and outside the organization.

9 創造力: Creativity.

Be open-minded to new possibilities.

This skill works hand-in-hand with intuition. Your creativity comes to fruition when you think of tools, methods, or processes that the organization and other leaders can use to remove obstacles that hinder execution of plans.

的卻是這些技巧,但不是讀這些文字 而是在人與人之間展現這些特質.

當彼此有相對權利義務又有利害關係, 就不是如此了


“聽的能力" 是教練最重要但最缺乏的.  往往工作中事情很多,誰都沒有時間聽的深入.



to foster a personal relationship with each employee so that these human assets feel that they can tell you the truth

有這種 feeling 嗎?

深入了解這技能的特質,  會發現道理很簡單但其實不容易


Reference : http://www.journalofaccountancy.com/issues/2016/feb/organizational-coaching-skills.html




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