How much does it cost to develop an app?

這篇文章是關於app的開發成本.  如何入行 ? 如何做一個app. 其實每個人情況都不一, 參考一下即可.

業外人士,  How do I find a good developer?

  • to find agencies that have either won awards or received ample press in tech-related news sites or blogs.  (找仲介),但台灣好像這種科技業的人力仲介大概就像104.1111….之類的吧, 矽谷有這種專業HR
  • 從挽救的案子下手, 就是接手有問題待改進的案子.  (這是真的, 就是搞不定,才會找外援, 這就是接案的機會)


A team will almost always include

1 one or more designers, who create all of the visual content to be coded into the project.

2 Account managers, along with acting like a liaison for clients, work with  product manager

3 product managers or producers to coordinate the completion of different tasks. Product managers are a bit like directors–they are responsible for the overall vision of the app.

別以為設計師很好找,  好的人才都是難求的, 很難找, 這是真的 !!

The stereotype is that designers and product managers are easier to find than developers, but when it comes to high-quality talent, finding good people on the creative side can be just as difficult.

開發app的成本 一般行情 : $120-150k  (USD$這應該是美國)

這是以每個開發成員的工時來估算,  不論是為別公司代工開發或自行發行, 這些人事成本都會考量. 其他成本還有辦公室租金, 水電,  軟體採購費用…等等, 也會考量.  或者找外包的 Freelancer也行, 可以用 或ODesk, Elance 找外包試試.

關於iOS and Android apps 開發費用

  • Although Android can sometimes cost a little more. This is due to the wider range of devices and operating system versions that an app needs to be optimized for.

做app,做網站, 是要花錢的, 最好別想找免費或便宜的朋友為你做個app.  成本估算和團隊的部分,我會參考一下

這文章當個參考就好了, 不見得能反映真實的各國及各平台的各種專案情況.



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