5 Ways To Make Workplace Flexibility The New Way Of Working


工作新方式. 產業與企業要趕快跟上.

5 Ways To Make Workplace Flexibility The New Way Of Working

1. that employees from all four generations of today’s workers are working remotely and increasingly want (and even require) their prospective employers to offer workplace flexibility

2. a debate of the benefits and pitfalls of virtual working

3. the ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment)

4.  Corning Incorporated, which has harnessed Yammer as a tool for real time collaboration and innovation, for a model in how to use enterprise collaboration tools to bring remote workers “together.”

5.retaining top talent is among the strongest predictors of a company’s success, workplace flexibility must be viewed as a necessary tool to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, rather than a perk that may or may not be bestowed

6. workplace flexibility

7.  they expect work and life to completely blend together in today’s 24/7 world. There is no distinction between “work,” and “life,” both seamlessly blur together. (這點有點奇怪,待確認)

8. Consider flexibility a strategic imperative




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