The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show: 8 Trends to Watch


Right after the first of the year, I will make the trek to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. I consider myself a veteran: This is an event I have been going to since 1975.

I was in my twenties then, and since my first CES was also my first visit to Las Vegas, the show and the city were both eye-openers for me back then. At the time, video recorders were a big deal, and CES actually hosted a section for the adult film/VCR industry since it had a connection to the world of consumer electronics. Surprisingly, even after the adult section was booted in the early ’90s, CES still allowed centerfold models to show up at various vendors’ booths to sign autographs, which served as a way to get people to come to the booths. That is where the term “booth babes” came from; they were…

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