2 constructions in front of park

As my childhood, we lived in the back of these 2 constructions. There was an american club at the old place. I remember many American lived around there at that time, they served in the AIT. AS time goes, macro environment changes, USA army left, gradually club also finished. I still remember there was a swimming pool in the club, it was hot in summer, sometimes we went to there go swimming. I gradually comprehended why some Americans are my neighbors. It is a good era of defensive alliance between USA and KMT. American also brought some good culture and life style to our neighborhood. That’s why I was so familiar with some good English songs, such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Doby Brothers… etc., that enrich my life to be more diversified.

When jogging in the park, I saw those two constructions in the same place. It wakes me up some many child memories in the past.







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