Ant is an open source build tool
(a program for putting together all the pieces of a program) from the Apache Software Foundation.
是專案建置工具 (如GNU make,nmake,jam)

Any is suitable for medium small project

The utility is the most commonly used build tool for programs written in Java.

Although similar to the GNU make utility that it replaces, Ant is said to be more portable and simpler to use.

Ant is independent of both platform and development environment.

Make (the most common build tool) and most alternatives are based on a particular shell or command interface, and for that reason are limited to the type of operating system that uses that shell.

Ant uses Java classes rather than shell-based commands.

Developers use XML to describe the modules in their program build, what those modules should do, and any dependencies between them and other parts of the program. Ant determines the parts of the program that have been changed since the last compilation, as well as any parts of the program that are dependent on those components, and then compiles only those parts that require it, in the proper order.

Netbean 有ant腳本.

最大的功能是: netbean和eclipse之間的橋樑

Ant 建置檔有四個基本區塊
1 project: project needs a name and target for reset execution
2 property: 常數
3 target: 用compile 的target
4 task:

project建置 build.xml(XML)

用microsoft visual studio , for MS build(用mote pad opencspooj file)

用Ruby: 用Rake tool, 做coding, testing and packing

用Maven: Java-oriented. software projct management tool

讀這個 link :

to build 指令稿: build process automation. Also a source code. belong to version control system (編號,tag,store)



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