Technical analysis note

K -line


-DIF, EMA, DIF turns + —> BUY time

+DIF, EMA, DIF turn – —–> SELL time

2. K-D

KD-between 0-100

K>D—> UP

K break though D—> BUY

D >K——————> DROP

K drop break D——>SELL

D drop between 10-15—-> good timing to BUY

D surge over 85-90——-> time to SELL

3  ADX line :  for middle- long term

DI+, over DI—-> BUY time

DI+, drop break D- —> SELL time

4. MA line

short: 10 days

middle: 25day, 30 days

long: season (72 days), 200 days

BIAS: distance between stock price and MA, 30 days, 72 days

5. RSI: 10-day benchmark

RSI over 50—> BULL

RSI over 80—-> too BULL —> SELL time

RSI less 50 —–>BEAR

RSI less 20—–>too BEAR—> BUY time

6. DMI

DI+  surge—> stock price  rising

DI-  drop—-> stock price will drop

7, MTM

Price serge– growth rate become less—–> Finally price will falls

MTM surge, MTM>0—->BUY time

MTM drop, MTM<0–> SELL time

8  CMO: NET VALUE  of BUY and SELL power



CMO, MA togther: CMO over MA—->BUY time

CMO drop break MA——-> SELL time

9. Q stick

10 William Index

11 Tower

12 DIF

13 MAV

14 OBV








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